Pooram Coconut Oil is 100% pure and made out of superior quality Kerala coconuts. It is roasted Coconut Oil which has better aroma and taste.

'Pooram', which literally means a congregation, also a symbolic gathering of deities riding the sacred temple elephants for a festival in Kerala. A tradition of more than two centuries,'Pooram' remains a spectacular symbol of heritage, celebration, joy and grandeur.'Pooram' always has been very close to heart and would remain so forever. 

We promise 'Pooram coconut oil' would be as close to your heart and remain a part of the culture and tradition as 'Pooram' is. It would be your ideal health partner with its pleasing flavor, pleasant aroma and light color. As it is roasted coconut oil, it would have a longer shelf life than normal coconut oil.

We are on a mission to spread the flavor and happiness to every kitchen in India.